Slideshows of the II European Conference on Sustainable Mobility at Universities

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Day 1 - 14th March

>>>Introduction session

1. Andrzej Szarata // Official opening of the conference 

2.  Marta Piszcz // Climate change challenges for urban areas

3. Lukasz Franek // Introduction lecture

4. Ángel Giménez // Introduction to U·MOB project

5. Presentation of the winner in the Best Practices Award // Università degli Studi di Catania

>>>Mobility plans; part 1

1. Andrea Scagni / Micol Maggiolini // Mobility Governance of a Mega-atheneaum: the case of Turin

2. Manfred Wacker // Mobility plan for the University of Stuttgart 

3. Monika Maciejewska / Daniel Montané / Carme Miralles-Guasch // UAB Mobility Plan 2018-2024


>>>Mobility plans; part 2

4. Bartosz Kielc / Grzegorz Karoń / Renata Żochowska // Mobility Plan for the Silesian University of Technology

5. Pernilla Hyllenius Mattisson // Campus mobility plan in cooperation between the university, the real estate owner and the city (Trivector Traffic)

6. Maria Rosa Ronzoni // Mobility Actions at Università degli Studi di Bergamo


>>>Data Collection

1. M. Rossetti / G. Scolari / M. Boffi / M. Colleoni // Accessibility Index for Italian Universities

2. E. Maggi / D. Crotti / D. Grechi // Sustainable commuting to University: the case of an Italian polycentric campus

3. Dominik Kaim / Małgorzata Luc / Grzegorz Spytkowski // Crowdsourcing as a source of student mobility data


>>>Land use and spatial planning/ Pedestrian mobility

1. Salvatore Di Dio // The MUV University League. Who’s gonna win the first European sustainable mobility championship?

2. Catarina Dias Cadima / Cecilia Elizabeth Baya Aldaz // Land use and spatial planning for University of Madrid

3. Juan Jose Pons Izquierdo // Towards a pedestrian campus: University of Navarra walkability present and future


>>>Use of new technologies for university mobility

1. Nick Reed / Sooda Ramalingam / Scott Copsey / Richard Southern // Creating a Smart Transport System for a University campus

2. Tommaso Giacchetti // Mobile technologies for University mobility management

3. Valeria Pellegrini // LUISS Green Mobility, High tech & Sustainable Solutions


>>>Promotion and education

4. Maribel Arcos // Sustainable mobility video contest at Spanish universities 

5. Kamil Rosiński // CITY CHA(LLE)NGE KRAKÓW


>>>Bicycle traffic

1. Simon Laros // Improved bicycle infrastructure for the universities in Flensburg

2. Benjamin Hoegele / Erika Mueller / Prof. Dr. Wanja Wellbrock // Mobility management at the University of Heilbronn, Campus Schwaebisch Hall, Germany

3. Michael Meschnik // Mobility Management at the University of Renewable Resource and Life Science (Vienna)

4. Katy Boom // Cycling activities at University of Worcester

Day 2 - 15th March


>>>Public transport for campus users / More efficient car usage

1. Nick Reed / Sooda Ramalingam / Scott Copsey / Richard Southern // Mobile Ticketing Paper

2. Daniel Montané / Xavier Delclòs-Alió / Monika Maciejewska / Guillem Vich / Carme Miralles-Guasch // Carpooling in metropolitan university campuses: the case of the Autonomous University of Barcelona


>>>Cooperation with stakeholders

1. Giulio Maternini / Michèle Pezzagno / Michela Bonera // Cooperation with the stakeholders on the University of Brescia

2. Katarzyna Nosal Hoy // Cooperation with stakeholders as a part of the curricular system

3. Waldemar Lasek // · Activities done by the Warsaw Municipality to encourage universities to implement sustainable mobility measures


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